Hello there.

I’m Tripp Nichols, the accidental game designer! How does that happen you ask? You sign up for a game dev elective in high school on a whim, and one college diploma from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) later… BAM game designer.

I’ve interned at every game studio in South Carolina, that being 1, and now I’ve started my own: Indignation Studios. Indignation is just me, but in this day and age one developer is plenty. Taking what I learned from SCAD and Atmos, I’ve begun working on my own commercial game. It’s currently in the prototyping phase, but I expect to make an official announcement this year.

Even though I’m running a small studio; I’m always open to new projects and roles. There aren’t many South Carolina game designers, so don’t miss out on the last one 😉

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